About Us

Q’art has humble beginnings as an organisation aiming to providing a platform for young artists to begin intervening in public spaces in order to enrich them, and provide a platform for communication between the creative youth and the population in general. The organisation has always considered that youth are entitled to being to enjoy public spaces, which should be dedicated to them and planned by local institutions, when developing any city in Kosovo. Just with any other human right, we consider also that the young community has a right to request spaces where it can engage in educational and cultural activities. The approach is in line with developments and advocacy-based campaigns of such nature in many countries around the world.

After the implementation of several editions of Guerilla Art Festival, and especially after successful set up of International Meeting of Styles Kosovo, which is bound to be successful in its implementation of its three editions since 2017, the organisation has managed to gather a substantial community of young creative professionals, listening to their concerns and express in many creative art forms. During implementation of these projects, as well as international networking through participation in Balkans Designs Network, and opportunity arose for the organisation to substantially expand its programs to cater to the young creative professionals, through training, advocacy and networking activities.

Qendra për Zhvillimin e Artit || Art Development Center – Q’art

A: Str. Idriz Gjilani L-17/117,
10 000 Prishtinë-Kosovë
+383 44 712 701
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Str. Idriz Gjilani L-17/117
10 000 Prishtinë-Kosovë